natural, fun and fresh!

We created Girl Smells after listening to the endless requests from our girlfriends, sisters, friends and co-workers.

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A deodorant that is clean and sensitive

Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types (therefore we forgo baking soda and our scents are truly subtle). As an added bonus doesn’t leave white marks on black shirts or ruin your crips whites with yellowish stains.

  • comfortable

    We want to feel comfortable with our beauty routine, meaning all ingredients are super safe to use, as our skin is our largest organ.

  • natural

    Our product philosophy sticks to values of always being natural, preferably organic or wildcrafted, safe and most importantly effective.

  • clean

    So let's have some fun while taking care of our skin with seriously clean ingredients all the while having some fun with our products.

  • gorgeous

    After all girl smells is a little reminder that clean green beauty can be perfectly silly, pink and gorgeous looking all at once!